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Successful Launch!


PV Reporter was created by David Wallace, an aspiring web designer, publisher, writer, and chief bottle washer. I have been a PV patient since 2009. PV became a motivating factor to push myself to always be learning something new and web design was one of my goals.

Technology Focus:

PV Reporter came on the scene to provide “cutting edge” technology in research for MPN patients and caregivers. If you have used the MPN Search you saw the power of this application!

As a web designer, I eagerly attend the latest training classes, webinars, podcasts, etc. to stay on top of the fast moving internet publishing world.

There is also a goal to get more visibility for Myeloproliferative Neoplasms in the medical community and general population as well. That will be discussed in greater detail in the weeks ahead, as trends and strategies develop. Social sharing of pages and articles via Facebook, Google + and Twitter (yes even Twitter – I think there is a place for MPN’s there too).

If you choose to remain anonymous (social shares are appreciated), that’s cool too, I totally understand. It took quite a leap for me to come forward as a PV patient in a VERY public way.

Highlights include:

MPN Search – provides targeted search results via custom search engine.

MPN Resources – broad based listing of top MPN research sites, news journals, presentations, FAQ’s and much more.

MPN News – automatically updated with the latest MPN news.

The site debuted to over 350 visitors the first day with many returning to do research and browse the freshly pressed site. The high level of return visitors indicates a strong interest and tells me we are on the right path, the site has only been live 6 days.

Out of Pocket Funding:

I was rightfully questioned on one of the Facebook forums about my source of funding and whether or not “big pharma” money was involved. That was received as a complement and a testament to the site design.

The answer is a resounding NO! The site was developed as a way to give back to the knowledgeable and caring community that has helped me through four+ challenging years with PV. The diagnosis rocked my world…..but that may be subject matter for a future post and something we can all relate to I am sure.

There have been considerable costs for software, marketing, maintenance, graphic design (the MPN Search video and banner), hosting, specialized training and much more. The development time has been substantial. At some point in the near future, I will ask for donations and a few volunteers. So far, it has all been a one-man show. If you want to be an early mover on either of these items, it will be much appreciated.

Please take a few minutes to respond with your comments and suggestions. Response via email ( or the contact form would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for joining, I look forward to exciting developments ahead.

Best regards,

David Wallace – PV Reporter






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