MPN Community Partners

PV Reporter has been a partner-led website since its inception in 2013.  With a growing MPN population, we aim to serve patients information and resources from multiple sources.  Our MPN Community partners are a valuable part of the team effort to bring you the latest MPN research, articles, videos and reports.

MPN Research Foundation


Founded by patients for patients, the MPN Research Foundation is a catalyst for research funding in pursuit of new treatments – and eventually a cure – for myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs). To date, the MPNRF has funded more than $12 million in MPN research.  Research funding is only part of what we do. The MPNRF is also dedicated to helping people living with MPNs change their prognosis by serving as a valuable source of education and resources in the MPN community.


PV Reporter partners


MPN Advocacy & Education International, provides resources, quality education programs, advocacy support and services to patients with myelofibrosis, essential thrombocythemia and polycythemia vera, caregivers, physicians and all those in the MPN community. It is committed to assisting, directing and informing its constituents on pertinent issues that impact quality care, treatment accessibility, updates on current research, and updates on clinical trials.


PAN Foundation PV Reporter

The Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation is an independent, national 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to helping federally and commercially insured people living with life-threatening, chronic and rare diseases with the out-of-pocket costs for their prescribed medications. Partnering with generous donors, healthcare providers and pharmacies, PAN provides the underinsured population access to the healthcare treatments they need to best manage their conditions and focus on improving their quality of life. Since its founding in 2004, PAN has provided nearly 1 million underinsured patients with over $3 billion in financial assistance, through close to 70 disease-specific programs.


MPN Cancer Connection

MPN Cancer Connection is a 501(c)3 non-profit, whose mission is to continue helping MPN patients by expanding the wide range of resources available through PV Reporter & MPN-CC, empowering patients to better understand treatment options and improve patient care by recognizing MPNs are a cancer, offering access to a broad range of benefits and program assistance. is a leading social network for cancer patients, their friends, and family. This unique online application was developed by OMNI Health Media and combines a robust information platform consisting of current comprehensive information on cancer with a social network. It is populated with rich content to support the many ongoing needs of individuals battling cancer and is comprised of communities of individuals with similar interests in the area of cancer.


Patient Empowerment Network’s (PEN) mission is to fortify cancer patients and care partners with knowledge and tools to boost their confidence, put them in control of their healthcare journey, and assist them with receiving the best, most personalized care available. Our programs focus on enhancing health literacy to enable shared decision-making and providing information and educational resources to help patients consider clinical trials as an option throughout treatment.


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