ASH 2013 News on MPNs

This update is provided by the MPN Research Foundation  This year’s American Society of Hematology (ASH) meeting provided a bittersweet update on the progress of JAK inhibition therapy in the MPNs. As many readers already know, the Sanofi JAK inhibitor, which had completed Phase 3 trials and was well on its way to the FDA […]

Support the MPN Research Foundation

Dear MPN Patient, Hello! Allow me to introduce myself – my name is Molly Guy, my dad Robert Rosen is the founder of the MPN Foundation, and I’ve been a board member for over two years. In 1998, after experiencing numbness in his fingers and toes, and endless disorienting doctor’s visits, my Dad found himself […]

MPN Research Moving Forward

Here is an Excellent Video by the MPN Research Foundation Pushing MPN Research Forward from MPNRF on Vimeo. Highlights Include: Bob Rosen founded in 1999 Energized research on MPNs Each day there is a chance for discovery MPN Research Foundation provides motivation to pursue MPN Research Essential for our progress Money well spent “We may […]

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