PV Warriors!

by Gwen Lord

Castle ParkFor the last 20 years I have lived in a place named Colchester which is known as Britain’s oldest recorded town. Original roman walls still stand and mark the boundaries of a Roman Castle that is now used as a museum and contains many artefacts found in the Colchester area.  Just a little south of the castle is the army barracks. Historically, Colchester was used as a place where soldiers trained and recuperated during the Roman invasion of Britain. The continued army presence here serves as a reminder to me of life’s battles and how we need training and strength to cope with invasions of various kinds, but…

We didn’t come prepared or trained for PV. Many of us were totally unaware of its existence until long after it invaded our bodies. It didn’t threaten or warn us. It quietly took over, unseen, its source poorly understood.

Yet we have allies in our friends and family and in forums such as this where information is being gathered and moral support is given in our battle against PV. Whilst we wait in hope for a cure, as scientists and doctors delve into treatment options and search for deeper understanding, we do not stand alone. As we walk this road together we learn from each other, we give each one space to share sorrows and joy. We hold each other up and pray as we continue our battle against PV…


In the Castle Museum - Aug. 2009

In the Castle Museum – Aug. 2009

As a member of numerous Facebook support groups, I frequently run across stories that catch my eye. Gwen was diagnosed with PV in December 2013. Her narrative appears in Polycythemia Vera PV Supportive Friends and stands as a “powerful testament” to the caring moral support and collective knowledge provided by all our wonderful Facebook groups. Thanks for sharing Gwen, you are a true PV Warrior!

About David Wallace

Founder of PV Reporter, a resource for Myeloproliferative Neoplasm (MPN) patients and caregivers. After being diagnosed with Polycythemia Vera (PV) in 2009, I utilized social media to connect with "informed patients" and develop a better understanding of emerging treatment options. My philosophy on patient care is straight forward - "educating the patient is essential, so the patient can guide their physician to meet his or her needs." PV Reporter is a comprehensive resource hub giving visitors vital tools to become "empowered patients."

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