Ocular Manifestations in Patients with Philadelphia Negative Myeloproliferative Neoplasms


age related macular degeneration in MPNThe major complications of Philadelphia‐negative (Ph‐Negative) myeloproliferative
neoplasms (MPNs) are thrombosis, haemorrhage and leukemic transformation. As systemic and
haematological diseases, MPNs have the potential to affect many tissues and organs. Some
complications lead to the diagnosis of MPNs, but other signs and symptoms are often misdiagnosed or neglected as a sign of MPN disease. Therefore, we reviewed the current literature to investigate and delineate the clinical manifestations seen in the eyes of Ph‐negative MPN patients. We found that ocular manifestations are common among patients with MPNs.

The most frequently described manifestations are due to the consequences of haematological abnormalities causing microvascular disturbances and hyperviscosity. More serious and vision‐threatening complications as thrombotic events in the eyes have been repeatedly reported as well. These ocular symptoms may precede more serious extraocular complications. Accordingly, combined ophthalmological and haematological
management have the potential to discover these diseases earlier and prevent morbidity and mortality in these patients. Furthermore,routine ophthalmological screening of all newly diagnosed MPN patients may be a preventive approach for early diagnosis and timely treatment of the ocular manifestations.


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