LLS Focuses on Molecular Drivers for Leukemia

Dr Lee Greenberger - LLS

Dr Lee Greenberger – LLS

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Initiatives to Halt Early Stage Myeloid Blood Cancers

Fourth in ASH 2014 Series

by David Wallace

PV Reporter sits down with Dr Lee Greenberger, Chief Scientific Officer with LLS, to discuss initiatives to halt early stage myeloid blood cancers (MPNs & MDS).  

LLS has grants with Dana Farber to better understand what are the molecular events to control early disease, blocking full blown disease.  Identifying therapeutics that could be used that would be effective and safe without the harsh side effects is another goal.

LLS has a partnership with MPN Research Foundation to evaluate and review grants, expanding the ability of both organizations to do research.  Check out the audio interview below for more details.

Greenberger discusses the Importance of Immunotherapy

The following interview by Cure Magazine, at ASH 2014, highlights the evolving role of immunotherapy in blood cancers.

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