Living With MPN

Interview about Living with MPN – click here

Some key take away points:

  • See an MPN Specialist and have him work with your local doctor on an appropriate treatment plan.
  • MPNs are uncommon and complex, incidence 1 or 2 out of 100,000 in 2019, we know that number is exponentially higher)
  • PV is predominately found in men, while ET is more prominent in women.
  • Patients can experience frustration, as we may look well and do not get understanding/support from family or friends.
  • The illness prompts a watch and wait from physicians, which may lead to anxiety and frustration.
  • Establish a new norm.
  • Reach out to other MPN patients, this provides a good support network with people who understand.
  • Courtesy of the Cancer Support Community.

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