PV Reporter Newsletter Feb 2015 – Mega News Day!

Well, what better way to kick off PV Reporter’s first newsletter of 2015! (yeah I know it is mid February:)….some big news on the MPN research front, new funding programs and a moving patient story.

Our complex system of DNA


First up, let’s look at the new research – Mutation Order in Tumor Genes Affects Cancer Outcome.  MPNs are particularly compelling cancers to study, from a scientific standpoint, for two reasons:

  • as blood disorders, their cells are very easy to sample via routine blood tests
  • they represent the earliest stages of cancer growth, so it is easier to determine the order in which the genes in its cells mutated

Researchers were able to determine the order in which MPN patients acquired the JAK2 and TET2 mutations, directly influencing response to therapy, the biology of stem and progenitor cells and clonal evolution.
click here for the NEJM article
click here for a very patient friendly summary (glad you guys/publishers are listening, I have been pushing for patient friendly summaries on PV Reporter since day 1)

MPN Research Foundation and LLS announce the 2015 MPN Challenge

The goal of the 2015 MPN Challenge is to stimulate new avenues of research which will strengthen the overall understanding of the cause(s) and potential treatments for all of the MPNs (ET, PV and MF). We are particularly interested in new transformative technologies which are currently being investigated for other cancers. Our goal is to ensure that MPNs are evaluated as candidates for these new approaches. We therefore encourage investigators in other fields whose research may have cross-over application to MPN research.

– click here for complete details of the Grant Program

And the good research news keeps coming….

MPN Research Foundation initiates exploratory gene editing project

CRISPR technology to be evaluated for its applicability and safety for blood cancer group MPNs.

click here for the news release

And finally, a moving patient story….

Gary Vogt’s Rollercoaster Ride with Myelofibrosis

A “mardi gras of confetti” will rain down, bringing hope to our clonal parade….as new light is shed on the latest research in the MPN world.  Stay tuned to PV Reporter!

I normally don’t post PV Reporter newsletters to the website, but there was too much good news here to ignore.  So don’t forget to signup for the newsletter if you haven’t already.

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