HemaSphere is an OPEN ACCESS Journal dedicated to support hematology patient care research and education worldwide

European Hematology Association publishes new journal with Wolters Kluwer

June 22, 2017, MadridThe European Hematology Association, the largest Europe-based association of hematologists, launched its new journal HemaSphere with publisher Wolters Kluwer at the 22nd Annual Congress of EHA in Madrid.

HemaSphere is an open access journal dedicated to support hematology patient care, research and education worldwide.  EHA’s new journal intends to publish results of highly relevant basic, translational and clinical research in hematology.  In addition to original research, it will also publish review and guideline articles, as well as insightful discussions of research and hematology news.

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Publisher’s Note:

It is my belief that more Open Access (Free) journals will be forthcoming in the hematology/oncology space.  MPN Patients are more educated and directly involved in their own treatment decisions, now more than ever.  We want Open Access now to the latest “cutting edge news” that offers us information on new treatments and clinical trials in the pipeline = hope!  Bravo to the European Hematology Association (EHA) and Wolters Kluwer for making this new peer reviewed journal (presently open for publications) freely available to patients, caregivers and researchers across the world.  The first issue is in the works.

It should also be noted the American Society of Hematology (ASH) offers an open access online journal, Blood Advances, which launched in December 2016.  Unrestricted access gives patients the latest news from the hematology world at their fingertips.  While there are other open access journals, this gives patients additional tools to become self-educated…..the more the better!

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