David Wallace – PV Reporter creates MPN Awareness on The Doctors TV Show, reports from ASH 2015, checkout Dec 2015 Newsletter

Three Busy Months with Notable Achievements in Q4 – 2015

Happy Holidays and a Healthy New Year to Everyone!

(I don’t normally share the newsletters on the website, but there was too much excitement to let this one get swept under the rug!)

As 2015 comes to a close PV Reporter has been busier than ever attending MPN events, reporting from ASH 2015 (American Society of Hematology), bringing you the latest articles, patient stories and last week a National appearance on “The Doctors” TV Show shedding light on PV- MPN Awareness to the masses.  

Here are links to recent events:

MPN Awareness – Prime Time on The Doctors TV Show!!

PV Reporter creates MPN Awareness on the Doctors TV Show

David Wallace, PV Reporter creating MPN Awareness by appearing on The Doctors TV Show.

Frankly, I had some reservations about how this TV segment would be received, there was a ton of work behind the scenes with everyone involved.  It was a HUGE success with over 6000 views on Facebook, over 200 fellow patients sharing the story with overwhelmingly positive comments (posted on Dec. 16, 2015).  The Doctors TV Show created a near server crashing spike  and continued increase in new traffic on PV Reporter, confirming the website is a resource that is needed now more than ever.

Now my favorite comment, because I do have a sense of humor 🙂, was “I should be up for a day time Emmy award for my acting abilities on PV symptoms.”  Naturally, I was not having all of the symptoms enacted the day of filming (perhaps a little “hollywood license” was required to drive the point home), but each one of those symptoms are real and I have experienced them all at one time or another.

PV Reporter, David Wallace interviewed at ASH 2015 by Patient Power

On location at the 2015 American Society of Hematology (ASH), Carol Preston speaks with PV patient and PVReporter.com founder, David Wallace.  As a polycythemia vera (PV) patient, David understands the value of knowing your resources, and he works to make those available to other patients.  Listen as Carol and David discuss PV labels and his positive outlook on combination therapies.

Here is the interview:



MPN Cancer Connection

MPN patients always have the need for new resources, particularly those that provide organizations who help with Co-pays and Medication assistance.  In an effort to provide resources, helping more patients, contributions to our New Non Profit Organization, MPN Cancer Connection (MPN-CC) are needed now more than ever and would be greatly appreciated.  Donations are Tax deductible.

MPN Cancer Connection is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.

MPN Cancer Connection Mission (MPN-CC):

To continue helping MPN patients by expanding the wide range of resources available through PV Reporter/MPN-CC, empowering patients to better understand treatment options and improve patient care by recognizing MPNs are a cancer, offering access to a wide range of benefits and program assistance.  

MPN Awareness & Patient Empowerment is also a major focus.  More time and expense has gone into these projects than you can possibly imagine.

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